Christopher Hodge artist-designer


Welcome to the woo world, where an undulating
green mass bounds across a stage, flanked by
inflatable envelopes of multicolored parachute
cloth forms gradually transmute into fantastic
flora and fauna-like shapes. All are the
brainchild of performance artist Woofy Bubbles,
a/k/a Chrstopher  Hodge.

The Philadelphia-based, son of a botanist,
Hodge and his Woo World Players have performed
from New York to San Francisco and have been
likened to Kabuki, but Hodge rejects labels.

“What I’m involved
in is being alusive, in
turning an idea on its end”

– Christopher Hodge.


I think people take it all more seriously than they should.


WoofyBubbles071WOOFY BUBBLES: A Modular Concept

My unique perspective and expertise are in the realm of wearable
art/body sculpture/performance. This has grown from my loe of
frabric, the Japanese influences of Kabuki theater, European
high fashion, and from my background as a painter of surreal
two-dimensional collages. It has developed into “personal
body-landscapes” that the figure actually “wears”, that wrap
the body in myriad ways until it becomes literally a figure “in”
landscape. Utilizing the body thus, as an armature, and finding
myself suddenly enveloped in something completely unexpected, led
me to create another identity, “Woofy Bubbles,” to free myself from
the formalities of my given name. This performance persona, embracing
the realms of myth, caricature, and cartoon-like realities, better
describes the humor, self-discovery, and emerging realities perceived
by donning these sculptural wearables. Trained at the Philadelphia
College of Art, whit a BFA in painting, I graduated into my alter
ego(“Woofy Bubbles” in Amsterdam in 1970.




This art performance
name, WOO… WOOF… FY… BUBBLES, is imbued with the following

WOO- to court, to make love to- believe in wooing, in charming;
WOOF- the woof and the weft, when woven together form an entity;
FY- to make, to do, to cause to be, to imbue with, to become;
BUBBLES- spherical body, anything lacking firmness of substance, an
inflated speculation.